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Say No To Get Rich Quick ! Say No To Stealing! Say No To Jungle Justice! 2 Yahoo Boys Burnt Alive In IMO State


Say no to stealing, Cultism. These Handsome looking guys were burnt to ashes for stealing.

This happened yesterday at  Aboh Mbaise In Imo State..

But truth be told, crime is not good, and some of our youth want to get rich at all costs without laboring for it, don’t pray to ever have encountered with this criminals they don’t have conscience after taking their useless Indian hem and drugs, get rich quick syndrome, with fake life, crime is really on increase this days, God have mercy on our youth. But I condemn in totality people taking laws into their hands, they would have handed him over to police. Please let us stop jungle justice.

Say no to jungle justice
Those people that burnt them have done worst things and all manner of bad things than these one being burnt, taking laws and situations Like this into your hands is not good and defies all forms of human milk.

The Law Says catch them but Hand them Over to the police
We know the country is very bad but we will Not support jungle justice

Who still practice such barbaric act?

In as much as the law doesn’t support jungle Justice but sometimes I just wish most of these robbers end up this way. Except if you have not been a victim especially to those one chance people in Lagos. A colleague of mine 2 weeks ago was a victim. She was robbed of everything on her, was forced to transfer every dime in her account and beaten beyond recognition. What’s her crime? She woke early to go and do her legitimate job! Imagine if she had died during the encounter. She is not the only one as a lot of others have lost their lives and valuable to those rascals that want to reap where they did not sow.


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