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Controversial Prophetic Priest Rev Fr Mbaka Celebrates 25 Years In Ministry To The Service Of Humanity

Happy priestly anniversary to Very Rev Fr Ejike Camillus Mbaka (Spiritual director Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria )
25th years in God’s Vine yard yet still fresh , human , role model in humility and a deliverer in the service of God.
How I wish many prophets of our time will learn from him, especially in humility, The Church of God today has experienced fearful men of God only to bewitched by money and material things, Cars and houses … What shall it profit a man of God to gain things of the world and loose the respect of his calling..?
Fr Mbaka you are not a saint or the best among all , but I respect you so much in all your physical and spiritual doings , you are a man whose service converted his money for private Jet to give many poor people a home, you converted your pomposity to give young people hope, you restored many even at the point of death …. You did not consider your ministry as a competition with others on whose wealth will speak … You are really a shadow of emulation, prophet of contentment , man of generosity, prophet of humility , prophet the poor , one among the givers our time …
Padre , I join the whole world to celebrate you today … I tap from your anointing, and I say , Your Grace will never run dry .. Keep speaking the truth, keep working for God and humanity…. Your good works will keep taking you high … Amen
Happy Priestly anniversary Padre Mbaka …
More strength go give your best at service of God .. In your weakness, may God strengthen you more in his ways Amen


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