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Thumbs Up To A Marlian Christian Who Shot 3 Criminals Robbing Worshipers Inside Church Service Last Sunday In South Africa

Three criminals robbed church members of their belongings during service in Centurion church in south Africa on Sunday.
Unknown to them one of the church member had a gun and he shot and killed two of them while the third one escaped.
Worshiper with gun while rubbers are armless. I wonder who be the real rubber here?
The killer has much question to answer  because it happened on Sunday

in South Africa, gun is legalized and people can carry it anywhere for self defense purposes. South Africa is the most violent country in Africa, and 80% of the crimes committed there are perpetrated by the natives
Taking a gun to the church is not a new thing because even Americans and Europeans are familiar with it
one cant tell or don’t know why the white Guy brought gun to church in the first place,but it came in handyImage may contain: text that says 'LUKE 22:36 :HE THAT HATH NO SWORD Let Let him sell his garment, and buy one.'In the last days Jesus told his listeners that if you don’t have a sword you should sell your garment to purchase one. A time will come when such will start happening in Nigeria too going at the rate Herdsmen are killing innocent christians in southern Kaduna


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