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Eastern Roads: Residents/ Motorist Laments Inaccessibility Of Failed Section Of The MGBIDI ONITSHA/OWERRI EXPRESSWAY

Several efforts to fix the bad spot at the Mgbidi section of the Onitsha-Owerri expressway have continued to fail because those concerned refuse to do the right thing.
Any work done on that spot that does not take into consideration, as well as, provide solution to the flood that converge there will always amount to effort in futility.
We are faced with the situation at Mgbidi because the construction company (JB) that handled the project did a shoddy job either because it was in hurry to meet deadline or it chose the shortcut measure for profit considerations.
Instead of channeling the flood to a nearby river (Mmiri Nwataoma) that is less than 500 metres away, the company, without any environmental impact assessment, decided to channel the flood to a burrow pit situated within farmlands and residential buildings. Within a short time, the burrow pit fills up and  overflowing to its surroundings causing serious damages to the farmlands and posing danger to the residential buildings.
Representations were made to the Federal Ministry Works by the Imo State House of Assembly through the office of the Deputy Speaker then. A delegation of the Ministry visited the site(s) then and promised to address the situation. Unfortunately they failed to keep their promise.
If the government (Federal or State) is sincere about finding a lasting solution to the sufferings being experienced by commuters on that road, it should first channel the flood to the nearby river.


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