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6 Things Every WOMAN Must Do To Keep Their HUSBAND’S To Them Permanently?!!!

1. Dress And Look Modern: Avoid looking like an old ‘mama’ the way you dress, always dress to look younger.
2. Work On Fatness: Apart from dressing, your outlook and carriage can even affect your marriage. Watch your weight; don’t allow it to get out of hands, making you shapeless and without form. Also, learn how to walk. Stop dragging your feet on the floor and stop walking like an overloaded trailer.
3. Work On Your Odour: Failure to smell nice is a danger to your marriage. Body odour and bad breath are anti-good marriage. Nobody will like to stay beside a smelly person. That is why smelly people are resented by their partners.
Take good care of your body. Deal with your body odour and bad breath. Bath regularly, change clothing and underwear daily. Use perfume and body roll-on. Brush and floss your teeth to deal with the odour.
4. Take Good Care Of Your Hair: Take good care of your hair. Experts say men see the hairdo of a woman earlier than her face. Taking care of your hair is very important too.
5. Take Good Care Of Your Underwear: In marriage, your underwear is very important as your husband is the only one that will be seeing them. So, do away with old, worn-out and torn ones and don’t ever put on the ones that make you look like a wrestler; that is very wrong. Your underwear should be part of your sexual build up, it should be sexy and for his eyes only. Also, boxers should be a no-no for a wife. That should be for him only.
6. Your Lips Matter: Your lips must not be dried and cracked, looking like a rock.
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