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Lady Logs Into Her Boyfriends Facebook Account Made An RIP Post Of His Family, For Lying To Her That His Wife & 3 Kids Were Dead


Shocking as side chick claims(he told her his password) in Facebook that her boyfriend wife and  children are for the dead. The worst part is that the account has been pulled down, I couldn’t find the account  because I like confirming things before I conclude

When she found out that her boyfriend is actually married with kids….
She posted a picture of this boyfriend, his wife and three kids and tagged “RIP” on the picture and posted it on Facebook just to get back at him.
Men!!! if you know you can’t be faithful to your wife, stay single and live free ….
Stop disgracing the married folks.

This girl is not a preacher of love. She’s an indaboskii

If you are not brilliant and intelligent,you won’t understand this post.
In summary,the man side chick hacked his account and pic-mix the pictures and wrote Rip on the man’s family,to pay him back for using her. The man lied that he was a single man while dating and getting her pregnant for abortions too . Nah the innocent wife and kids they suffer the public punishment.
All these Husbands who keep side chicks don’t know the danger they expose themselves and their families to. Imagine nonsense!
God forbid that any woman will die because of a community d**k. But side chicks like this should know who to target abeg, if you want to carry the man, do so and leave the innocent wife and kids because they are not the cause of your trouble. I hope the wife gets smart enough to take a walk, she is not safe with that man!


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