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Over 40 Peaceful Protesters Arrested In Abuja As Military Personnel Patrol City (Photos) Subjected Protesters To Inhuman Treatment


Sowore nowhere to be found as Nigerian security agents subject peaceful #RevolutionNow protesters to inhuman and degrading treatment at Unity Fountain in Abuja

We gathered that the protesters who were coming from the Mararaba axis, were arrested around the Unity Fountain and thrown into at least six trucks that whisked them away to an unknown destination.
The security agents were said to be searching every vehicle passing through the route in a bid to identify and apprehend other persons participating in the protest.
A convoy of over 50 vehicles loaded with heavily-armed security personnel were seen patrolling the Unity Fountain and Transcorp Junction areas of the city
Citizens in large numbers have already poured out to the streets in major cities across the country in commemoration of the first anniversary of the #RevolutionNow protest that saw Nigerians demanding better governance from the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari on August 5, 2019.


Protest or revolution only works when the whole country is united towards the said goal. Nigeria is too divided along ethnic, religious and tribal lines to achieve such unity. I commend their efforts towards this after all, they say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. But all this said, for now, anyone protesting is on his own.

Yet it is the same police and military that will be crying and shouting that the country is corrupt and that they are not paid well and armed with inferior weapons compared to boko haram yet they are arresting and manhandling those that want to protest about corruption in the country…its alright, Sambisa forest is waiting for them.

Are these the protesters? How many of them?
When it comes to charging for protests, thousand will be on social media making noise. When it’s time for action, they will hide. this ones are being flogged because they came out to peaceful protest against bad government?


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