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18 Dead, 16 Persons Missing, As Continuous Monsoon Rain Forces 5000 People Out Of Their Homes In South Korea


Reports says 18 people have died and 16 are missing in South Korea after days of torrential rain caused flooding and landslides

South Korea battles deadly floods and landslides.42 days of continuous rains in South Korea, 14 people so far have lost their lives and about 1000 people have been forced out of their homes, in one of the longest monsoons in 7 years.

  • Some areas of South Korea have seen 44 consecutive days of rain.
  • Torrential rain that began Saturday has caused nearly 400 landslides.
  • Five rescuers are still missing after they were swept away when their boat overturned.

Major highways in Seoul closed because of flooding, much of it from the overflowing Han River.

More than 4,900 people were forced out of their homes in the affected areas, according to the Korea Herald. At least 1,400 residential buildings were flooded, and 1,055 barns and storage facilities were damaged. Over 31 square miles of farmland was flooded.

Finding shelter for everyone who needs it has been made more difficult by the coronavirus pandemic.This year’s monsoon has caused deadly flooding that has affected millions of people across South and East Asia. Torrential rains in China¬† killed more than 140 people in July, and at least 82 people have died in flooding in Japan More than160 people have also been killed in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.


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