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Human Trafficking Cycle: Weeks After Viral Video Of Women Trapped In Libya Graced Social Media Pages, Their Fate Is Still Unknown


The Fate of These our African brothers and sisters suffering outside the Continent, calls for Concern. these are Africans who has gone outside the Continent to find a way out for themselves, to look for survival, the big Question is “What went wrong after 50-60 years of Independence?”

Why are we getting it wrong?It is a known fact and statistics that our Continent has resources more than we need and here we are wondering the face of the Earth in search for a living where there are non!My humble appeal to all African youths especially the sub Saharan Africa is that we must stop sleeping and dreaming that solutions to our challenges are outside African, we must start taking onto leadership as more studies indicates that our main problems on the Continent is majorly poor leadership that leads to poor policies leading to poor investments decisions.

or areas ending up to 80% unemployment rate on the Continent. We have Corrupt leaders littered all over the face of the Continent, we must unite as African youths and put an end to that, no one is coming from heaven to intervene, We are the Solutions to our problems. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is showing the rest of Africans old Corrupt leaders that it is possible to develop and change the image of the Continent,

With Racism and segregation at a high rate running abroad is not a Solutions.


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