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OBJ Inglorious Letter Writing: What a tribute! To Late Senator Kashamu Buruji


The unforgiving OBJ at the inglorious game again. No doubt, there are lessons to be learnt in calling a spade a spade about the life and times of the departed, and more lessons to be learnt about going to equity with clean hands.

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Obasanjo at it again. OBJ is lettered for nauseating mischief-making and unapologetic strong stance, even unto death.
Let me state quite expressly, that I totally agree with Olusegun Obasanjo that, “the life and history of the departed have lessons for those of us on this side of the veil”. Again, I totally agree because it gives way for personal thoughts about the life we are living and ways to make things better.
I don’t give-in to, “do not mock the dead mantra” that has come up in pity of Kashamu. If Abba Kyari died and we spoke up against his roles in a failing APC-led Federal Government, and if we have views relating to wrongs done by Kashamu, we must have the big balls to speak up as well.
The sad reality and very disturbing part is – when the hands that writes is wholly soiled by bad politics, mis-governance and even over crime he has chosen to level against the dead.
 It could be Obasanjo tomorrow. It may before Osibanjo next tomorrow and Fayose the days after, and I too can die. We must at all times be ready to return to our Maker, and respond ones the call comes. The point is – do not be caught unprepared.
One thing you may never take away from Kashamu was that he was a man of few, yet powerful words. He was a celebrated philanthropist and a jolly good fellow.
Kashamu Buruji may be no saint, however, Olusegun Obasanjo is no better.
Rest in peace Buruji Kashamu.


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