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Why Do Men Patronize Prostitutes? 2 Married Men Found Dead After A Sex Romp In Brothel Within 48 Hours?

Two men have reportedly died while having sex with prostitutes within the past 48 hours.
The first one was a 40 year old pharmacist, Bassey Asuquo, who died during such a sex romp in a Lagos brothel. A packet of cigarette, a stained boxer and an inhaler were found in the room, indicating he could have been asthmatic.
Less than 24 hours, another man (married) similarly died in Asaba, Delta state. He was found dressed in only his boxers, lying face down on the bed.
In both cases, the commercial sex workers whom they were having sex romps with abandoned their lifeless bodies and ran away.
These men, especially the married ones, that go to patronize prostitutes and die in the process, are their wives not enough for them? What will they tell God on the judgment day?
Rather than die in the hands of sex addicted prostitutes, a man should huzzle to marry (even on credit). Avoid sex before marriage. Avoid careless deaths through sex
Stopping infidelity in marriage actually needs the corporation of both spouse, my proposal is; have scheduled sex, don’t wait for mood (which is great by the way) if sex in your marriage depends on mood, you’ll go months without, OPENING THE DOOR TO TEMPTATION especially to the male folks, and waiting for mood is worse when your wife is nursing.
If you’re cheating husband, this post is not in support of your character deficiency
When times are hard and the man cannot meet with some of his obligations, he is oftentimes rebuffed by his wife if he makes any conjugal overtures on her. This man turns to the cash and carry sex worker.


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