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Police Rescue 12 Years Old Chased Out Of The Home By Her Aunt In Imo State


This is Anosieke Mary from Nkwogwu in Ezialaogwu in Mbise in Imo State ,she was chased out by her aunty who live at Amawire Akwakuma ,so her parents should kindly come down to the police station at Orji to pick her.

since the child have told the police her village why not police to take her home is it not Part of their job ?

Parent stop giving out children all in the name of rich uncle or aunts. Don’t we mothers learn from others. Manage the little you have with your children do not send them into slavery all in the name of house help. Take responsibilities of what you gave birth to, and stop shifting your responsibilities to another. Nobody can take care of your children better than you do, No matter how rich the person

When you advise people on giving birth to number of kids they can cater for, it seems as if you’re dictating to them how to run their family.
And next thing, they’ll start looking for whom to train their kids for them and thereby exposing them to different kind of maltreatment.
You will see rich people giving birth to only two or maximum 3, but those other type of human will give birth to 5 upwards……next thing, they’ll start looking for whom to train them.
The foundation you give your children really matters. Some people are not doing well in life because of bad foundation they receive during childhood.
And they missed their true calling because of that,
Don’t let your children blame you for the poor foundation you laid for them.


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