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Anambra Residents Reacts As Governor Willie Obiano Imports Femi Fani Kayode To Speak On Anambra Airport


Last week, it was revealed that Gov. Willie Obiano gave 40 million Naira to Chief Femi Fani Kayode to make statements about Anambra Airport. This same FFK killed Sosoliso airline by withdrawing their operational license as if only them has had accident!
If you have followed Chief Willie Obiano, you would have noticed that anything he builds is either the biggest in the South-East, Nigeria or Sub-Saharan Africa. His Oxygen plant built on a land that is about 1 plot is reported by his over 2000 erats as the best and biggest in Nigeria!l
When they invited FFK, they wrote for him the script that he voiced out, Anambra airport being the biggest in Nigeria and he shamefully voiced it out as written.
Anambra has many former Ministers of Aviation such as Chief Stella Oduah, Osita Chidoka. In fact the first, oldest and most experienced minister of Aviation is also from Anambra, Chief Mbazulike Amaechi. Are they not good enough to appraise the so called Obiano’s airport? Are they not good enough to be given that 40 million Naira which would have circulated in our state?
If Anambra is not good enough for him, he should have looked for the likes of Dr. Kema Chikwe. Next, he will import former Aviation Minister of Fernando PO to tell us how good his airport is.
Shameless FFK was praising him for not borrowing for the project as if he was not aware that Obiano inherited over 75 billion Naira from his predecessor which he has squandered both capital and interest and has presently borrowed over 200 billion Naira!
Did Obiano not tell us that the Chinese would build that airport. Anambra is not paying for it? Did FFK ask him about those Chinese? Even when Anambra people started asking about the Chinese, the shameless James Eze said the Chinese starting construction was delayed because of their drone that was seized. When the question was asked again, he said that the drone had been released. They in fact demonstrated the working of the drone. Suddenly, the talk about the Chinese was halted and the frame entered another scene, one of whose actors is FFK


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