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Why FG Must Rise To Ghanaian Anti Nigerian Policy: Petty Traders Required To Have Capitalization Of $1Million USD To Operate After Shops Lock-ups

Why Must Ghana Continue in her anti Nigerian Policy?
What is happening to Nigerians in Ghana is just unfortunate. Petty traders are required to have capitalization of $1million USD among other fees, to be able to operate in Ghana. That is; over N500 million NGN. If they have that amount or can raise that amount, will they be in Ghana?
A few months ago when a Ghanaian deliberately demolished a building belonging to Nigeria High Commission, some of us wrote extensively calling on Nigerian Government to take serious action against Ghana and use that opportunity to negotiate better deals for Nigerians in Ghana. But there, Nigerian government failed again. They accepted an “apology” from Ghana’s President. That is a position of weakness. To the detriment of hard working Nigerian citizens in Ghana, who are legitimately living in Ghana, doing legitimate business and paying tax to the government of Ghana.
What is happening to Nigerian business community in Ghana is a shame and it is terribly sad. Just imagine Ghana working hard to box Nigeria to a corner and Nigeria is just there allowing Ghana to push it around and give her citizens conditions when Ghanaian live freely in Nigeria and do business freely and most do not even pay tax.
Nigerian government must show leadership and put an end to persistent harassment of Nigerian citizens elsewhere. Especially in Africa. Even within West Africa, Nigerians are hunted and terrorized. Is there no dignity being a Nigerian? Nigeria’s Government must put an end to this.
-Ebuka Onyekwelu


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