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Raise Tobacco Tax :Civil Society Legislative Advocacy -CISLAC Wants FG To Increase Taxation On Tobacco Companies To Discourage More People From Affording Cigarettes/Nicotine


A 2019 report by Nigeria Tobacco control Regulations reveals that 67,000 Nigeria girls under 18 years smoke cigarettes while 303,300 Nigerian boys under 18 smoke and use various tobacco and nicotine substances.

The report also revealed that 2.4 million adults smoke an average of 8 cigarettes sticks per day if not properly checked and controlled could to various ailments complications in the nearest future.

To This end the civil society legislative advocacy CISLAC is worried that if nothing is done to check sources and control of tobacco over 3 million youths could suffer from tobacco complications in their adult life.

The executives director of CISLAC Auwal Musa-Rafsanjani at a media parley in Port Harcourt With civil Societies and journalists called on government to use taxation to discourage tobacco consumption in the country.

Also speaking at the media parley one of the resources persons and the assistant program officer of CISLAC Solomon Adoga lamented that most African countries do not have tobacco control policy.
He said risk from smoking or inhaling tobacco substances can damage every part of the body and called on government to do more to discourage lifestyle smoking in movie industry

He Said ”Taxation is important tool that is recognized by the world health organisation (WHO)for reducing affordability of Tobacco products especially in low and middle income countries.”

The Advocacy Expert also noted that ”Tobacco Taxation is used as a tool to raise prices of tobacco, expecting that when the companies are taxed, they would be able to reflect those taxes back on the products and then by so doing  the retail prices of those product would go up and the low and middle income earners would not be able to afford tobacco or cigarettes as much as they do, and by so doing taxation  becomes an important tool to reduce tobacco consumption and thereby reducing the hazardous effects of the products”


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