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Courts Remands 36 Years Old Man To Police Custody Orders The Arrest Of His Wife As Accomplices For Lacing Drinks With Substance & Attempting To Rape A Mother Of 5 In Aluu,


A Magistrate court sitting in Port Harcourt Judicial  Division has sent to police custody pending the outcome of investigation a 36 years old man for attempted Murder, attempted Rape, Assault, occasioning harm, indecent assault and trial by Ordeal contrary to SEC207CC, Of a 29 years old mother of 5 who escaped been raped by her friends husband at Aluu in Ikwerre local government areas. In Rivers state.

The Magistrate  CALLISTAS N. AMANZE ruled that the suspect be remanded to police custody and ordered the state CID to lunch investigation into the matter and come out with findings on the next adjourned date of 16th September 2020 for continuation of hearing.
The 29 years Mother of 5 MRS JUSTICE ATISI told correspondent Anita Ogona that The incident happened on 25th of July 2020 after she took a Malt drink from her friends husband  M. IBUCHI  Who had offered her a drink for nursing his wife Mrs Gift Ibuchi  who had complained of feverish condition having returned from a journey, to come to her house because she was ill to help her out with drugs and food.
She said on getting to the house of the accused the husband offered her drink and upon taking the drink she became dizzy and slept off only to wake up to see that her dress has been pulled off, her panties off while the suspect was standing dressed down all erect when she struggled to fight him off.

she said haven lost consciousness and trying to regain her strength she pushed hard and attempted breaking their television and was screaming for her friend who had left the room to come and help her out, when MR IBUCHI duly informed her that no one was around as he has sent his wife on an errand and that she should co-operate with him. and at that time she knew it was a conspiracy between the husband and wife as a woman who was shivering had gone out on an errand that she started begging for her life with screams hoping that neighbors would come to her aid when the suspects wife suddenly showed up and asked her to swear by the bible that the incident would remain a secret between the three of them and barred her from telling her husband who at that tome was on a business trip in Lagos.

Lawyers to FIDA Sofia Afolahyon expressed disappointment that the wife of the suspect. GIFT Ibuchi who was served court processes for aiding and abating her husband to commit the offence of attempted rape, and constantly threatened the victim not to report the matter did not showed up in court but was asked to go home by the lawyers to her husband. she said imagine a man of that nature dishonoring another mans wife and mother to 5 children with the youngest at 10 months old.

She urged women to be careful who they call friends as they days are getting scarier with reports of deep betrayals

Lawyers to the accused ESU CLEOPAS NTE said FIDA did not follow due process in in the filing of court processes before jumping to arrest and drag his clients to the court for prosecution
He said his client did not commit any of the offence proffered on him, he said this is the case of when you quarrel with any woman she will use the antics of rape to tag her opponents especially if he is male folk. Barr Nte said the case of rape was not reported at any police station or the community where the incident took place and the next place is the court that his clients found himself, and expressed shock at the turnout of events in the court.

However the magistrate Remanded the accused 36 years old Ibuchi to police custody for attempted rape and murder threats on the victim.


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