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FIDA Raise Concern Over High Number Of Cases Of Defilement Reported Daily: Urge Parents, Guardians Especially Women To Be More Vigilant


The International Federation of Women Lawyers FIDA says the raising cases of fathers defiling their under age children calls for more vigilance and monitoring of girl children.
This follows the 9 out of 15 cases held in one court in a day in a port Harcourt magistrate court
Standing as the legal representative on behalf of FIDA lawyers in the court. ESTHER ACHOR-OKORIENTA said though the figures have always been high, the people must have faith in the long arms of the law to get justice
She said more worrisome is the issues of father defiling their young children and the need for women to continue to sensitize their children from tender age

she said ”To my own understanding I would say that the cases of defilement has been there and thank God that people are speaking up these days because in those days’ people were not ready to speak up because they think they were protecting their families, but recently people are now aware of the implications of the trauma associated to rape and they are ready to speak up”.

Esther said ”We at FIDA Are not alarmed at the raising numbers of people speaking up because we have done our sensitization and people are now aware of the implications of these offences and why it must be reported but however we are still alarmed at the way the offences of defilement are going high, every day in one court or the other we prosecute quite a high number of rape or defilement case in court, like I told you earlier, I had 13 cases in court and later while the court was still sitting two more cases of defilement was added  in total I handled 15 cases today. Out of that 15 cases 9 were cases of defilement while the rest are cases of child stealing and the rest”.

Thank God there is law, I would also urge people to speak up, in most case people come up to settle this matter because they don’t push for it because they think they might not get justice for it, so they want to settle out of court. Many People out there would often say they have not heard of one tangible conviction. I just want to tell them that we are doing our best, there are convictions, infact we are all working to ensure that these children, these victims get justice.

For the state government there is a rapid response teams and organizations that has been created so they should hasten and add more persons to the team so that cases of these nature are being tried and treated urgently.


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