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Amebo Corner: How Regina Daniels, Mother Wants To Privatize Virgins National Cake- Chika Ike The Real Zaddy Slayer In Her Book How To Hold A Zaddy

Like a friend once said “Never marry a Sugar Daddy or Zaddy like they are called today, Sugar Daddies are ladders meant to propell or launch You into wealth. And that is what exactly Chika Ike did and this lady just played her game perfectly and today she is a billionaire in naira. Reports has it that Chika is worth $4 million dollars thanks to the ₦500,000 000 allegedly given to her by her Zaddy Ned.
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With all that gift Chika didn’t loss guard to get entangled with a marriage to a Zaddy, she got the money, wealth and freedom. This where Chika’s education and exposure spoke, not some mother and daughter who mistakenly thought they can get an experience Zaddy like Ned hook with marriage. The poor Girl allowed her uneducated Mama to lead her into a way to early marriage to a man old enough to be her grandfather. And it is now suspected that things are not going too rossy for her as it used to be after the child, ” Zaddy don port back to Super Chic Chika”. So now, pulling out of the marriage might not be the smartest choice right now cause
1. Our society frowns at divorcee (wetin pursue her comot for her husband house)
2. Our society frowns at single motherhood (it might take a long time to correct this ideology)
3. She would be termed a gold digger
4. She was allegedly locked in a traditional covenant
This is what I call a real entanglement, she is now no different from the arrays of wives “Baba don keep for house”. Getting all the attention from Ned might become an Herculaneum task except she suggests an idea that would overturn the situation (which I don’t think its possible).
Once you drop a kid for men like Ned they move on to the next Sugar girl or return to the Sugar girl who ” Hold dem for work” and that’s the case of Chika. I repeat again you don’t use marriage to get a Zaddy hooked be smart like this Babe of laive Chike Ike. I think Chika should organize a training section or write a book on “How to hold a Zaddy for work” for the up and coming or aspiring Sugars Girls.
In whatever you do in life education and exposure will always magnify you and set you apart from the rest. Well either way both chick got what they are looking for but the difference is that one is free and still on top the food chain and the other is entangled.
“Una too like amebo shaa see as una just focus for other pipo matter, una well done o”.
#herexg  Henry Nwachukwu


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