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IMO State Governor Hope Uzodinma Signs Into Law, Administration Of Criminal Justice Bill ACJL To Speed Up Trial Processes In Court

Governor of Imo state, Sen. Hope Uzodimma once again have come out to allay the fears of Imolites over the ACJL bill he assented.
The Governor, recently while fielding questions from the Channels TV HARD COPY socio-political program made it clear that the federal law was only domesticated in the state without alterations just as other states have done in the past. He revealed that by assenting the bill, Imo State is now the 30th state in the country to have signed the bill into law.
He further said that as a former legislator from the Senate, that the bill was deliberated upon and even before he assented the bill, it was thoroughly scrutinized by then chief judge of the state who had appointed judges to look into it as well as him the governor subjecting the bill for proper perusal by the state attorney general before he signed it.
Sen. Hope Uzodimma dispelled the allegation of smuggling some sections into the bill as force as he had demanded for the true copies of several contributions made by the state lawmakers on the bill and encourages Imolites not to give into fears by those who are ignorant of this law.
By the signing of this bill into law, it is expected that it will speed up the administration of criminal justice in the state and people will no longer languish in prison waiting for justice to be served.


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