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Man On The Run After Attempting To Strangle His Wife To Death In Port Harcourt


The husband who allegedly attempted to strangle his wife to death on Saturday at her business place after so much blows on her face  and ran away may be arrested tonight.

The assaulted Lady who is a mother of two had called center for Basic Rights and Accountability on phone. later led her to report the matter at Ada George police station said they interfaced with the DPO who called in head of the human rights of the station to handle the matter. The woman said she has reported him before to another Police Station but later forgave him.

The Secretary Of Basic Rights Prince Wiro said preliminary investigation shows that the husband opened a beer parlour for her recently and is jealous on the way men pay her compliment.

he said such compliments might have led to the recent assault occasioned harm. her eyes is swollen with bruises all over. Her neck the mark of a clothe round her neck is clearly visible.
The case continues. Her husband may be arrested this night in his hide out as he has fled from the house since Saturday.


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