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3 Weeks After Labor Suspended Its Planned Protest: Pensioners Laments Inability Of Rivers State Government To Set Up Tripartite Committee To Negotiate Modalities To Off Set Pension Allowances, Gratuities


Pensioners In Rivers state have lamented that 3 weeks after they shelved their planned protest in rivers state organized by the two labor house NLC and TUC the government is yet to set up a tripartite committee that would negotiation with union to pay the suffering senior citizens who exit from services on a weekly basis their initial pensions allowance and gratuities.

The state secretary of Nigeria union of pensioners JOSEPH AGBO in an interview with correspondent ANTA OGONA Laments that despite efforts made by the union to reach out to the government to have a tripartite committee set up as promised by the governor to do so have been ignored and nothing is been done about it,

He said we have written to them, our letters are sitting down there, no one is attending to it, even the 8%, 15% and 33% federal shares that is accruable to federal teachers in the state is also not paid, he said the senior citizens are going about with frowns on their faces due to inability of the government to pay to off set their initial pension allowance and those of them with health conditions are dying everyday due to lack of money to buy drugs or treat common ailments after serving government meritoriously for 35 years.

JOSEPH AGBO appeals to the state government to set up the tripartite committee as they promised joint labor national leadership on the 8th of September 2020 so that process of off setting the wage bill, pension arrears can begin


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