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Igbo Monarchs Kicks Against Supreme Court Judgment As Married Woman Escapes Death By The Whiskers For Dragging Her Late Father’s Property With Her Elder Brothers In Enugu State

A 59-year-old Nigerian woman identified as Maureen is currently battling for her life after her brother allegedly attacked her over their father’s property in Enugu state.
She is currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed medical facility. She noted that together with her younger sisters they immediately made a report to the Trans Ekulu police station but rather than arrest the perpetrator Mr Francis Egbujie, the police detained her sisters and even threatened to arrest her.
The supreme court had earlier on in a controversial judgement ruled that women can inherit property.Image may contain: one or more people
The judgement however was declared unactionable as Igbo groups, traditional rulers and elders kicked against the judgement as the claimed that such judgement is an attempt to bastardize Igbo culture and tradition.
Speaking on behalf of the southeast traditional rulers council, Igwe Simon Itodo of NSUKKA urged ndigbo to ignore the supreme court ruling describing it as unacceptable and non practicable in Igbo land considering the fact that Igbo tradition mandated the “idu Uno” culture where females receive their dues immediately after their marriage ceremony adding that a woman’s husband also has his own inheritance from his family which automatically becomes the woman’s own too immediately after marriage.
The monarch insist that such ruling will encourage single motherhood, divorce and create avoidable conflicts amongst siblings as women would no longer fully focus on building their marriages but rather concentrate on dragging properties in their fathers homes. Despite the ruling, no sane Igbo man would encourage such as it would amount to destroying ones own efforts.
Mazi Akwaeke Nwosu who spoke on behalf of Ohaneze stated that the supreme court ruling was an attempt to cause family conflicts and destabilize Igbo society by introducing alien ideologies practiced by the west.
According to him, In Igbo land, a woman’s place is in her husbands home and any woman who leaves her husbands place to come home and drag property with her brothers is stupid and unless if the woman in question in unmarried. he said


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