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President Buhari Approval Of A Special Salary Scale For Teachers (Good): Increase Of Years Of Service From 35 To 40 Leaves Room For Unemployment- Opinions


To approve is very easy but to implement it is the main problem

Here are some of the opinion from teachers on salary increase and the service elongation from 35 t0 40:- Sampled opinion in Port Harcourt( Their Identity is concealed to avoid future Witch hunt)

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*That means they won’t get retired to allow young graduates get employed .

*we don’t want nah,na increment is Koko no extra 5years,we won’t die on top service

*40 years?
You just want to keep increasing unemployment because one has to retire for another to be employed.
*Reduce the price of bag of rice n other food items in the country
*Reduce the price of bag of rice n other food items in the country

*Who is fooling who. 40years for waiting na

*How much EXACTLY are they talking about?

No matter how naturally endowed any child is, he or she still needs the instructions of a teacher to reach his or her potentials in life. Teachers are crucial to the molding of a good society, to the making of a better world.
The best attainments in technology, sciences, medicine and the arts would not have been possible without the foundation bricks laid by teachers.
A teacher works for the development of a child whose parents she might not have seen or even known anything about, yet she puts her all to ensure the best for such child.
It is not about the money you pay them, it is about the passion to impart knowledge, to build the world, to make here a better place.
We should celebrate our teachers everyday, not just today or any other day, but everyday.
Thank you dear teacher for teaching me ABCD and letting me learn how to count. Every other thing I have learnt today I owe to that early knowledge you imparted in me.Image may contain: text that says 'HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY! IF THERE WERE NO TEACHERS, ALL OTHER PROFESSIONS WOULD NOT EXIST. ၄660'
Thank you my children’s teachers for teaching them the rudiments of knowledge. Whatever they turn to become later in life, a lot of credits will go to you. I pray they remember, I know they will remember.
Thank you to every teacher out there. Not just the classroom teachers, but anyone anywhere who imparts positively helpful knowledge, especially to our little children, the angels of our world.
May your reward come while here and the eternal reward in Heaven.
Thank you my teachers especially my Mum.


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