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Social Media Quack Marriage Counsellors Reacts As Nollywood Actress Cha Cha Eke Files For Divorce, Sighting Domestic Violence

Chacha Eke Faani’s  said her collapsed marriage was as a result of domestic violence
she said Her husband has allegedly seized her cars, denied her access to their bank account and her social media account .
She was taken to hospital by Enerst obi and Solo amaco .
She is accusing her husband of domestic violence and has filed for a divorce.
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Dear Sisters,
Make sure you put your hundred percent to make your Marriage work but if your not happy my sister take a walk. We are happy she is coming out alive .Marriage is not a do or die contract, my sisters if it is not working quite and move on. Don’t mind what society will think please.
98% of actresses are having problem in their marriages, Not because they can’t manage their home but maybe at time their husbands forgets that the responsibility of marriage to career women does not rest on the shoulders of the woman alone.
Men! You can’t marry an ambitious woman and expect her to sit at homeImage may contain: 3 people, people sitting
Why is divorce very common among our Nigerian celebrities? Sometimes tolerance plays a vital role in marriage and also to save our kids from facing the dangers of broken home. It’s better to be single than married and praying to be single again.
(This incident was reported by her friends.)
The ambitious woman who is not ready to sit at home should do herself and men and society some favor, by declining the marriage offer.
 I pity this little kids who are just gonna face a broken home at this early stage of their life, couples should see it as a priority to make there marriage work, they should consider their kids and not get selfish, if there was a love found when they got married, they can still amend their ways to enable their marriage work, it’s sad that the rate of broken marriages today is so alarming and discouraging to prospective youths who wants to settle down.


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