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SARS Is The English Version Of HISBAB Islamic Police: End SARs Campaigners Says No Backing Down, Protest Must Go On

To all of you telling us it should be #ReformSars or #ReformPolice and not #EndSars, that approach is not making any sense to Nigerians this time. We have called for this reform since 2016.
Don’t make it look like Nigerians don’t know what they are doing.
The picture below explains that since 2016 Nigerians has been calling for this #PoliceReform and they keep playing on our intelligence with witty words.Image may contain: one or more people
How many more lives will be lost before the reform?
You understand the process of reform is not a day job, so, let them #EndSARS, reintegrate them back into the regular police, then they can initiate the #Reform process which will be general #policeReformation.
Nobody is asking for the sack of police men in SARS unit, but they should be disbanded first and reincorporated into the regular police before the initiation of any reform processes. Many lives will be saved within this period.
I am sure you understand that SARS is not the most combatant unit of Nigerian police force, and they are not the only unit charged with the responsibility of combating armed robbery, so why are they being pinpointed by the noble and patriotic citizens of Nigeria as evil and more dangerous than the armed robbers? Have you wondered why?
Send Anti graft agency to find yahoo boys; send NDLEA to find drug dealers; send Anti cult for cultism related issues, send Anti Kidnapping for kidnap cases and #endSARS in the meantime until the police is #Reformed, which is not a day, a week or a month exercise.
We don’t care about those whose intentions towards the #EndSARS protest are not genuine, they are a microscopic few; we care more about the millions of innocent Nigerians who make up the larger society. We care more about Parents whose children are killed extra judicially for no proven case of crime or for cases with option of fines or few years sentence.
We can’t be living like animals in a democratic society. Even in the animal kingdom, there are laws and rules nature obeyed by different animals.
You cannot curb crime by weaponizing a lawfully constituted institution to terrorize the innocent; that is why they need to be disbanded, reincorporated into the regular police, get reformed, retrained and reinstated.
We have to advance to the level where a kid will be able to walk up to a police officer without fear and ask questions or demand identification.
So many fake IDs and impersonations. We can help them write a software that assigns a unique identifier to all officers of the law, so that we know who is who and where they are actually officially posted for duty.
They are public servants, so they should serve and protect, not kill. They don’t pay their own bills, the citizens pay them.
You cannot okay a very legally backed criminal organisation against millions of innocent Nigerians because of a few criminals.
SARS contributes to over 45% of every armed robbery, kidnapping, extortion, harassment, extra judicial killings in Nigeria today.
The entire Police in extension contributes to 75% of all the crimes in Nigeria today; ranging from Corruption and Bribery, Electoral fraud * election rigging, subversion of justice, aiding and abetting crimes, incarceration of innocent citizens, setting the real criminals free after taking bribes from the culprits, dirty jobs for politicians, etc.
If the police is upright in fighting crimes, Nigeria wouldn’t be a mess today. The problem of Nigeria is with the law enforcement and judicial arms and not solely with the executive arm. Because the executive have the legislature, the judiciary and the Police to checkmate their excesses through law enforcement and oversight functions. Are they doing that in all sincerity?
Since they have been playing on the intelligence of Nigerians since 2016 over this SARS issue, calling for the worst on them will definitely earn a better attention and action.
With this call on #EndSARS, it will be a win/win situation, they may not end it, but they will ban them and speed up #PoliceReform.
Nigerians are not daft, please!
When we are given a fair deal, we will acknowledge it and stand down.


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