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ANTI SARS PROTEST IN AWKA: Peaceful No Causality Reported Yet

Special Anti Robbery Squad ( SARS) have been in the news for days now for wrong reasons.
The agency have been accused of human rights crimes among other professional misconducts thus, Nigerians across the country are asking relevant bodies to end SARS with the ash tag ( #ENDSARS).
Though there are few Nigerians asking for a reform of the squad on the heels that the end of SARS might give rise to robbery operations in the court but majority of the populace are protesting that SARS have outlawed its usefulness thus, it should be completely scrapped.Image may contain: one or more people, phone and closeup
Nevertheless, the anti SARS campaign in Awka which kick started from Ekwueme Square, Awka ,today and proceeded to Anambra State Police Command. The protesters are asking for total scrap of SARS.
That some of the protesters who had a chat with the reporter said that SARS was a scam and the agency needed to be completely scrapped from the system.
Others were seen displaying placards with the descriptions, “we need cure from SARS Virus, # ENDSARS.
” IPhone, Deadlocks and Tattoos, no mean say we be armed robbers, End SARSNow”.


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