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FG Should Make Zamfara Gold A National Cake Or Hands Off The Mineral Resources In Rivers State- Gov. Wike, Do You Support Him On This?


Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike has asked the Federal government to make the gold in Zamfara state a national benefit or lay hands off the mineral resources in Rivers State.

Gov. Wike who was reacting to a statement by CBN demanding 5 billion naira gold from the Zamfara state government house while Speaking to the press on Thursday in the state capital, wondered if same gesture can be extended to his state.

Wike stated that he is looking forward to having a gold well in Zamfara soon. wondering why the gold in Zamfara is not a national cake like the oil in Rivers State.

According to the governor;

Since the discovery of oil in our region, we are meant to believe that it is a national cake. Even imams in the North has oil wells in my state and neighboring states.
Our land is spilled as a result of this oil yet there are no plans by the federal government to clean up our devastated lands.
We are given 13% control of something in our backyard which God blessed us with…
To my greatest surprise, I saw the news of CBN demanding for N5b gold from the Zamfara state government….
So the Zamfara government are managing it but in my own region, many northerners are oil well owners.
I am looking forth to having a gold well in Zamfara state soon since it’s all about mineral resources in our country. Not only me but people of my state.
If this is not allowed, then let it be known that it is an injustice against us and we will know what to do going further.


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