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Should Marriage Vows Be Taken In Shrines For Marriages To Survive? Why Do People Stand Before God & lie?

f and only If we can start taking Marriage vows in the shrine like Ogun, Amadioha, Sango and their brethren, many marriages will experience more bliss.
People stand before God and lie because he is very patient with us.Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and wedding
Just imagine that you took a vow before #Thunder that you won’t cheat or hit your woman, that you will provide for her, that you won’t abuse her in any way, if you go against your vow, its instant judgement.
Most of us will then learn to respect our vows. I would rather that people don’t take marital vows any longer. I feel it is mockery and it is no longer funny.Image may contain: text that says 'Your children are watching your marriage. Be mindful to set the right example them model for to in their future marriage. De reconciliation'
God is very patient.
A lot of people especially men just recite marriage vows like it’s a nursery School rhyme.
Some men have taken the Grace of God for granted forget that God is a merciful father also a consume fire.Image may contain: 1 person, sitting
Many parents won’t agree because of the consequences but we believe people can still be faithful if they want  Because If this kind of law is implemented, hmmmmmmm, way word people will run mad tire


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