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Now That They Have ENDED SARS, My Question is…Has NPF Be Reformed From Systemic Corruption?

Now that SARS had been dissolved.!! can we now go out and protest against fuel pump price and electricity tariff hike??
Is SARS our real problem in Nigeria? SARS is just a tactical unit in Nigeria Police Force, if SARS is to be banned from routine patrol, check points, stop and search, etc has NPF be reformed from systemic corruption? Have we ever protested against poor electricity supply? Has the youths ever protested against the bad roads? What about poor hospital services? What about non availability of jobs?Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'BREAKING: SARS has been officially dissolved, the IG of Police just announced in a live broadcast. #EndSARS M.A ADAMU'
What about the poor educational standard in Nigeria? What about the poor social welfare? Has the youths ever protested against herdsmen killing? Have we ever come out like this to protest against the oppressors and looters?
Has the youths ever came out to protest against their representatives, governors, chairmen of councils, councilors, commissioners and ministers like this? Are they not more dangerous than SARS?
Has the youths ever spoke against the government?
They are looting our country, we cannot make protest against the government or speak against the government. But we are here talking about SARS that was created by the government.
Are they acting on their own? NO.
Yes we aware of SARS excesses
If we have good governance and accountability we would have better police force. The fact that SARS men are to be withdrawn does not solve corruption in the system.
It does not stop the looting. We still have police that are killing innocent people even robbing too. Please we should channel our protest for good governance, better policies, credible and fair election, hike on petroleum products, high electricity tariff, etc.
My take is that, I think the ENDSARS was politically influenced to take all attention away from ONDO election.
Don’t celebrate prematurely.
SARS as a unit disbanded, not one erring policeman tried or prosecuted, 30,000 of those armed and dangerous officers will be deployed to other units or SARS will be rechristened and they will continue with business on innocent citizens as usual.
We are people who love a spectacle rather than addressing issues.
We like sound rather than substance. Is this a victory without an essential police reform and a code of engagement with the citizenry? I will say a big NO. We wanted an audio response and we got it.
As soon as I saw politicians and their ilk in front i knew this was another wasted opportunity. #REFORMTHEPOLICE, #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY


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