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Elechi Vigilante In Mile 3 Diobu Port Harcourt Rescues 14 Years Old Homeless Girl Chased Out By Her Foster Parent For Not Selling Enough Pure Water To Cater For The Family Needs


At about 8:30am this morning Elechi Vigilante Mile 3 diobu PortHarcourt called A Human Rights Activist Prince Wiro on phone concerning a 14 year old girl Excel Ogbadu from Benue State they rescued at about 1:00am this morning. Her story is that her parents parted ways and both remarried and non of them accepted taking her in to their new homes.

Her friend who is 14 year old too took her to their home.
Her friend’s mother engaged her in sales of sachet water and she brings 500 naira everyday. The friend’s mother chased her out of the house because she is not bringing money for bills. The friend’s mother has been asking her to bring money for bills. She was rescued by the Vigilante while looking for where to sleep.
The Human Rights Activist Prince Wiro who is also the Secretary Board of Trustee Centre For Basic Rights And Accountability Campaign  spoke with Vice Chairman of FIDA Nnenna Igbokwe Esq who asked Them to bring Girl to FIDA office Port Harcourt. and she has since been handed her over to FIDA.



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