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Anambra EndSARs Protesters Went To The Lions Den! Awka To Awkuzu Met Live Bullets, The Universe Never Forgets

A HERO’s Account Of Survival of the deadly Attack from those swore to protect them, The Nigeria Police
Marching from Awka to Akwuzu was tough. The long distance. The hilly road. The sun. The rain. The bad road. Hunger.
Getting to Akwuzu, I was famished. Got something to snack on; bread and coke. While at it, I was kinda absent minded then the unrest…Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor
“They are shooting. Run back. Run!” filled the air as I saw people running down with fear.
The sounds of the gunshots justified it. The air was pepperish too. Tear gas. I needed no one to tell me that there was fire on the mountain. I ran. Everyone ran. We ran.
I saw people scamper for safety. Those with their cars started reversing. The traffic was stuck. People. Cars. Motorcycles. Everything.
Most people were stranded. There were no buses to convey people back to Awka. “God! Who send us come Awkuzu?”.
Fate was kind enough. I found a good Samaritan who drove I and few others back to Awka. Safely.
To everyone that reached out to me when I made the update, thank you. I am safe. Your own no go loss.
Just so you know that Awka protesters went to the Lions den!
The universe never forgets…
Your children will be proud of you when they remember that the better tomorrow they enjoyed was fought by a proud parent. The future will be kind to us all who never sleep nor slumbers on this lofty solidarity to end brutality and inhuman treatment of our fellow being.
Thank God for G.U.O motors that later gave us buses free of charge to convey people back to Awka. God bless Nahya Oks
kitchen for the free food distribution too. Our labour shall not be in vain.
Bro, I was there live… It was hot but Awkuzu SARS knew & believed we came- CHUKWUBUZO ONYIBOR


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