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EndPoliceBrutality Protesters Explains How They Raised 1Million Worth Of Bitcoin In 1Hour After FG Block Pay Platforms/Channels Of Raising Funds

They thought protesters would get discouraged by their silence and disperse, but the numbers and locations have been increasing.
They thought we’d run out of cash, but we raised over ₦26million in less than 1 week. They shut down the Flutterwave link and we raised over ₦1million worth of bitcoins in an hour.
They thought we’d get exhausted or fall sick, but we raised a team of medical personnel and even got ambulances for emergency.
They thought that arresting us would make us cower, but we mobilised a team of over 600 lawyers across the country to provide free legal services.
They thought that hunger would send us home, but protesters are literally having buffet services back to back. Small chops, rice, pasta, ẹwà agoyín, pizza, asun and drinks.
They thought that using water canons, throwing tear gas and shooting at us would make us become violent, but we remained calm. They also thought that sending thugs to attack us would make us lose our cool, but we beat up the thugs, fed them, sent some to the hospital, arrested and handed the rest over to the police.
They thought that destroying our cars and phones would make us retreat, but people are getting their cars and phones fixed at little or no cost.
They thought that subtle threats of distorting the internet would shake us, but we immediately made plans for VPNs.
They thought that the rain would scatter us, but we immediately ordered raincoats and umbrellas.
They thought that the football weekend would be a major distraction, but we created a stadium at Lekki toll gate and will be bringing football live to the protesters.
Is there anything impossible for us to do?
At this point, it’s a #WeDieHere situation and the government is left with no choice but to address our concerns.


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