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They Are Coming With Arrest, Intimidations To Create Fear !!! Be Prepared To Deal With Old Warriors, Oligarchies Who Never Understood The Challenges Of The Masses But Will Give Out Huge Cash To Thugs To Distract Youth Protest -Expert Warns

Youths take note
We are dealing with old warriors and oligarchies who know how to fight!
This is what is going to happen:
1.They will use fear and intimidation
2.They will row the Army out and shoot a few youths to create fear!
3.They will start arresting youths bit by bit.
4. They will use money, offices and positions to entice a lot hungry youths to back out the protests!
5.They will start giving out Hugh cash to protesters leaders to close their mouth-
6.They will start playing the North – south game – divide and rule system!
But do not be afraid, we and our will all benefit from this struggle!

Make sure you snap and capture all ,the world is watching!Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and shoes, text that says 'eTag! The 'Lazy Youth' have woken Up!! We will never sleep again!! #SarsMustEnd #EndBadGovernance LLIES'

The longer the #EndSARS protests continue, the greater the chances of military deployment.
1 idea on this: protests grounds should all have a large 🇳🇬 flag hoisted high & be ready to play the  anthem on repeat at a moment’s notice. At that point, let every
🇳🇬 compatriot arise and sing loudly. And let every camera point directly at the soldiers. If the soldiers move an inch during the anthem, you know who the patriots are and you have it on record. You are clearly not a threat to the nation: you are a patriot


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