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For Those Demanding That The Protests Stop!!! Give Us One Campaign Promise That Buhari Has Fulfilled? How Will You Feel If After All This End SARS Protest, FG Refused To Grant Any Demand As Usual?

#EndSARS campaign didn’t start today. It has trended online several times, but yielded nothing afterwards. In fact, in the last 5 years, SARS has been banned up to 4 times, but they continued with their atrocities after each ban.
Stop protests just because Buhari said he has heard the demands of the youths? Is this not the same Buhari that promised to make a dollar equal to naira? Same one that promised to sell fuel at 40 naira per liter? How can the youths ever trust a people that have failed to keep any of their promises? How can they trust a president that cannot come out to address them, and who resort to making recorded speeches? Once beaten, twice shy!
We won’t have another opportunity if we fail to make proper use of this one. The politicians are all afraid because their divide and rule tactics are not working. They messed with the wrong generation! A generation that is tech savvy that can even cripple any government with little hacks here and there.
We must trudge on, till we see positive results and not mere lip services.Image may contain: shoes
Since we have taken our destiny by our hands after being pushed to the wall for so long, let us cease this opportunity to demand for the things that we need to survive as citizens of this country.
How about the man in Aso rock that is insensitive to the plight of the common Nigerian is he the kind of person we need as a president?
There are lots of things to demand
And remember, we are in this mess today because our parents didn’t act so let’s act now so that our children won’t be in bigger mess.
Join the protest and demand for a better Nigeria, A home for all.
The power is in our handImage may contain: text that says 'Atiku Abubakar @atiku woke up to the peaceful #EndSARSProtests going on in Lagos and other cities in the country. First, would like to commend the tenacity of our brave youths who have stayed out on the streets all day and night to make their voices heard stand with you all. @Damil0la Don't stress yourselt too much, we're not voting for you in 2023. All of you are thesame thing'Did he say he woke up ? He should go back to sleep. It’s not yet time for his waking up…the youths will wake him up at the right time and with the right method.


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