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A BLACK TUESDAY! Nigerian Mothers Wails For Her Dead Babies As Armless Youths Where Shot At Lekki Toll, Ibadan, Jos, Osun

A black and an unforgettable Tuesday
A day that Nigeria did their worst
A day that the blood of the youths flow all over the country,
A memorial day
A brutal day
A day that many families lost their loved ones
Where can we go?
A day that protesters were killed for speaking up, killed by those they were protesting for. Soldiers, police…are you not feeling the heat of the leadership of this country? Why then are you killing the youths who are the future of this country? Why? What have they done wrong? Is this another blood in Soweto?
These youths that you are shooting are fellow citizens, your brothers and sisters, and they’re protesting even for you and your children. Tell us that you’re happy with this regime.
If these youths are still alive, they won’t go into this protest, they’re already dead and are protesting to rise again, so you’re shooting at dead men, their deaths will be a motivation, an encouragement!
They were called “Lazy youths” yet they ignored it, but the more they try to survive, they end up in police cells and prisons. The future of the country is imprisoned with no one to speak for them, now they speak up and you’re shooting them to death. Why? How does a mother shoot her own sons and daughters? This is our papa’s land. And this is the people’s democracy!
Our heroes, we saw your great sacrifices, we will not forget and they will not be in vain. Your blood will liberate this country even from all its incurables and ills.
God bless your souls. May you all rest in peace. Amen
A bit of Good news this morning!
It just got to my notice that The hospital decided to treat chizzy for free, after initially demanding for over 3 million. God bless the management of that hospital But your prayers are still needed. she is still battling for her life on life support machine. chizzy my dear friend you shall not die.  We can’t loose another protester again! My heart bleeds for this country still!
The police in Lagos have turned down
down Nigerian Army’s request to hand over nine bodies from tonight’s massacre in Lekki, Peoples Gazette can report based on corroborated accounts of two security officials.
A Nigerian Army major called a deputy police commissioner in Lagos Tuesday night, informing him of the need to take possession of the bodies and register them at the morgue.
The police chief initially said they would communicate the matter to the Force Headquarters, then abruptly rejected the request entirely and advised the military to deposit the bodies at the morgue by themselves.
The officials said they could not immediately tell whether or not all the bodies were from the Lekki massacre that occurred on Tuesday evening.
“But we have not heard of soldiers operating anywhere else this night,” a senior security officer said. “So we believe the nine bodies they were talking about are from the Lekki incident.”
It was not immediately clear whether the Army has finally been able to preserve the bodies.
A spokesman for the Nigerian Army 81 Division in Lagos did not immediately return requests seeking comments from the Gazette Tuesday night. A police spokesman also declined to officially comment on the matter.
Nigeria has been in mourning over heavy casualties inflicted on #EndSARS protesters in Lagos Tuesday evening.


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