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Nigerian Military & Civilians Looting In Solidarity As The People Of Monkey Village In Lagos Discovered A Warehouse Filled With Covid19 Palliatives

Palliatives meant for the poor stacked away in a warehouse for what purpose exactly? I heard residents have been looting for up to 6 hours and we still have All these left.
Our leaders, at all levels, are heartless.
The military and civilians agree on something at least…. They accept that they all are victims of crooked leadership. Looting in solidarity.
Just a few hours ago I was complaining of the OBA of Lagos whom Covid19 palliatives enough to feed a community was found in his house.. Shortly after I made that post, I heard noises outside my house, I rushed outside to confirm what was happening, The people of Amuwo Odofin Oriade L.G.A of Lagos, we’ve found our Palliative hidden in 3 Warehouses in Monkey Village  bags of rice, Noodles and Spaghetti ,salt, Sugar and pastas,
Ladies and Gentlemen these palliatives would be enough to share to everyone in 2 Local Governments but someone went to hide it in his warehouse ..from what I gather, the Good People of Monkey village have been packing goods from the way house since 5am up until now (Check Out the size of the warehouses)people all the way from Oluti, Agboju, Maza Maza, Mile2 and Monkey Village looted and e never still finish, This is our right, this belongs to the people. No one has the right to keep it all to himself


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