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Stop The Attacks Now!!! The Anger Of The Poor Against His Neighbor Who Is Doing Better Than Him Is Pure Witchcraft Not Marginalization


The anger of the poor Is not always against the government sometimes it is against his neighbor who is doing better than him, it’s called witchcraft .
Little Space you see them ransack Businesses owned by the same people struggling with them.
You are the problem ,Yes You and until you change you have no moral right to demand same from anyone.
You attack shops
You burn Businesses that took others years to build
You burn cars that help their businesses thrive
You burn banks and expect to go make withdrawals from the moon tomorrow,
You scatter ATMs and Expect your wardrobe to dispense cash.
We are our own Problem !!!!
Let me shock you , anyone who is wealthy has enough cash stocked to run daily activities for months ,
You still suffer it alone they don’t !
God is winning forever

If not their vile attempt to use thugs to discredit the movement, I’d have said the protests should continue. But this isn’t a loss. It’s a massive a win. They are scared.. A few things:

1. The youth aren’t totally helpless…organize, organize, organize! I can see the petty feminist vs patriarchy nonsense is already starting again. Shove all that ideological nonsense and unite

2. There must be progressive voices up north Young progressive northern youth must be dragged in..

3. Threaten INEC… Electoral reforms and judicial reforms… Our judges are inept!

4.outilne your demands…. Include legislative arm reforms.. Include decentralization… Fight


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