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30 Years Old Man Chased Away By Flood In Delta State, Electrocuted To Death After He Stepped Into Submerged Naked Wire 1Week After He Arrived Port Harcourt


Chased Away By Water In Delta State And Killed By Water In Rivers State is a tale of a man in his mid 30s who was electrocuted last Saturday at Bishop Okoye street, Mile 3 diobu, Port Harcourt.
The deceased victim aka ‘Warri Man’ left Delta State a week to his death because his community was completely submerged in water.
He relocated temporarily to Port Harcourt in search for a means of survival.
Unfortunately last Saturday infront of N0 9 Bishop Okoye street Mile 3 diobu, unknown to him that the water on the ground surrounding an Iron stand used in supporting an electric wire connected from the power supply Line to the compound had become conductor of electricity due to exposure of the Iron stand to a naked wire, the deceased victim dipped his legs into the large volume of water as it was raining heavily.
He died within three minutes.
He was confirmed dead in a private hospital at Ovim street Mile 3 diobu.
The landlord of the compound at Bishop Okoye street is from Delta state as well as the deceased victim, so they decided to close rank and resolve it ‘Deltally’. Both parties declined speaking on the incident when approached.


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