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A Country Of 10 Million Youth They Call Hoodlums For Taking Food Meant For Them Which Was Hijacked By Polithievecians: Does The State Control Police Or SARS? Who Will Implement The Outcome Of This Judiciary Inquiries Set Up Everywhere

I am sad as I listen to the twist of the youths peaceful protest. A protest organized by the youths, internationally acclaimed to be peaceful and orderly.
The youths of Nigeria overcame tribal and ethnic differences and spoke with one voice. ENDSARS, a demand caused by long period of human rights violations, police brutality, corruption and nepotism. The Youths wanted a change in method of governance. Instead they got bullet.
Instead of the governments both federal and state to grant audience to the youths they preferred to ignore them. The government had thought the protest will fizzle away in few days but they were wrong because the youths were prepared to stay as long.
The government went and brought thugs and hoodlums to attack and batter peaceful protesters. This they chose because the government of Buhari was cautioned not to bring in the military. The hired killers, the conscienceless worms came armed with clubs and matchets to attack the youths. This wasn’t enough, the government called the army to shoot and kill peaceful youths.
It is natural law that every cause has an effect and every action there’s a reaction. The government hoodlums and the military killed youths. The youths retaliated and started burning houses, cars and other properties. Then looted food meant for them which was hijacked by the polithievecians.
The reason for bringing in the thugs and hoodlums to attack the youths was to discredit the protest, give it bad name and destroy them. It worked.
Now the press and government apologists have twisted the narratives. The youths are now hoodlums, thugs and miscreants. That’s the new names of Nigerian youths. The uncomfortable part is that it is accepted by the Nigerian masses.
Forget the fact that some dignitaries begin their statements by acknowledging that the protest was peaceful. That was just to be political correct. They will tell you the peaceful protesters have gone the looters are hoodlums. The government is now paying the real miscreants, thugs and confirmed hoodlums to protest, match and claim they don’t want violence or protests again because government has disbanded SARS and has accepted the demands of the protesters. But this is part of the plans for bringing in the thugs.
Ask yourself did the government really accept or meet any of the demands of the youths? No. SARS was renamed. No sack, no arrest made. The IG of police didn’t resign. The service chiefs we’re not sacked. Police reforms, regional police is not being discussed. Instead state governments are setting up mock judiciary inquiries everywhere. Does the state control police or SARS? How about federal inquiries into the police brutality? How about arresting those already mentioned as the killers in SARS? None has been arrested rather the Youths are being blackmailed and arrested.
The country that has 10 million miscreants, hoodlums and thugs is a failed country or simply put a psychiatric hospital in a very large scale.
Let us ask how many of the hoodlums that attacked the youths have been arrested? How many of the soldiers that massacred the youths, the massacre that triggered the looting have been arrested? None of these murderers have been arrested instead the same youths are being arrested.
What the government is doing is to blackmail the youths, call them names to discredit them through their apologists and the compromised press. The government is the hoodlums, she brought in the miscreants that’s why they are arresting the reactionary youths as miscreants.
Typical of the youths, they have abandoned the protest and forgotten their demands. The protest has failed and abandoned. Instead the youths are taking solace in the social media with their Utopia party. That’s what is keeping them busy. They have forgotten their comrades that are being arrested and branded looters.
I think for the youths to make landmark progress they need to do the followings.
Return to the streets. This time be more coordinated, more resolute with a long term plan to stay on the streets.
Demand immediate release of arrest of all the youths arrested so far.
Instead of forming a political party immediately, the youths should form a pressure group or NGO and use it for youths activism to press home their demands. For instance the youths can collaborate with other NGOs to demand for a sovereign National conference that grantee regional police, regional autonomy, referendum etc. Unless the constitution is changed, no political party and no man will redeem Nigeria or get it right. What we need is a new constitution not a new party. Where’s labour party and it’s Oshimole the first elected labour governor in this political dispensation? How can you win election with the reappointment of Prof. Yakubu as INEC chairman for the next 5 years? How could any election be conclusive?
The youths need to capitalize on this protest to make a difference. So far the youths are being discredited soon their demands will be abandoned like the Oputa panel and be forgotten. The government is breaking the resolve of the youths. This should be resisted by the youths.
Onyema Uche


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