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Lagos State Government To Empower 4,000 Unemployed Graduate With Work/Skills Experience Internship Program

by Anita Ogona

The Lagos State Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Employment announced that Governor Sanwo-Olu has approved Internship programme.

This programme will accommodate 4,000 unemployed graduates. The commissioner revealed this on Thursday, 28-10-2020.

It was established that the graduate internship placement programme is set to help beneficiaries attain employability and working skills in the long run. The duration of the programme is for 6 months.
Those employed will be paid N40,000 for a period of 6 months.
Beneficiaries will be equipped with valuable work experience, great professional skills and exposure to entrepreneurial opportunities.
Candidates must have National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Certificate or Letter of exemption from the body.
They must be registered with Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASSRA) and present the document.
Candidates who pass the online test will undergo training for two weeks. The training will be on employability skills.
Since unemployment is a great menace in the country, this internship program will go a long way to help build people up and engage them positively. However, a lot of youths will prefer a long-lasting job or good job security. Meanwhile, the opportunity should not be ignored because it will equip beneficiaries with great skills that will make them better candidates for job opportunities and selection. #copied
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It’s only a senseless Nigerian Youth that would take this as a way forward.
After all being said and done, they want to use #40,000 to buy a journey of endless years of pains and sorrows again. As they want to extend the suffering of old to generations to come.
The same way that N-Power couldn’t make some Nigerian Youth to think straight.
Thinking it was the way forward for the huge stress of being a Nigeria University Graduate.
Even, after killing some of our us in cold blood, they still trying to improvise the means of making us STUPID. Yet, no case filled out on defaulters.
If you celebrate this idea as a Nigerian Youth, I sincerely wipe for your miserable future ahead because they could seal your destiny with #40,000 will they futures of their children are built on the abundance of the National cake we all are entitled too.
šŸŽ­Ā P r o f e s s o r

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