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LEKKI Tollgate Shootings: Why Did Army Refuse Judicial Panel Access To Inspect Military Morgue?


The Lagos State judiciary panel went to the hospital on investigation into the shooting at Lekki tollgate, where 15 protesters were allegedly killed. 

People who were present at the Lekki toll gate shooting, had recounted that the bodies of protesters killed at the shooting was taken by the the military.

Soldiers stop Lagos judicial panel from accessing military mortuary to investigate Lekki tollgate shooting (videos)

The panel on visiting hospital, were stopped at the gate of the military mortuary and was refused entering in to the facility.

One of the panel members Ebun Adegboruwa, told the soldiers, that the panel came to the hospital because its facility was relevant to their investigation.

“The facility is relevant to our investigation. We have a pathologist. We are here on the authority of the president, not only the governor,” he said.

“We are following dues process, and it is important we visit the mortuary as it will help our findings.

“If we are not allowed access, we will go back and take other actions. We won’t force ourselves in. We have confidential information that the military hospital here is relevant in the investigation of the Lekki event. We heard this hospital is controlled by 65 battalion, and under the 81 division. We are also taking steps to reach military authorities.”

Adegboruwa said the facility would have helped in investigating claims that bodies of victims of the Lekki toll shooting were taken away because the panel does not have evidence.

Journalists were asked to leave the hospital premises and one of the soldiers threatened that “things will get dirty” if they refused.

After an initial resistance by the soldiers for about 30 minutes, the panel members were allowed on the hospital premises.

They were then taken to a non-functional mortuary the army claimed was under renovation.

If they don’t have anything to hide, why not grant the panel unfettered access to the facility.
Something is obviously wrong.

EWR-Notes: This is an investigation empowered by the state . No other permission is required by the panel. The state ought to have given necessary introduction to any formation the panel may visit..

If they pre-informed them, they would relocate the exhibits. Even news has it now that the relocation has been done

Any panel investigating such matters, the government of Lagos state has empowered them to do investigation without been hindered by anybody or group. Writing a notice before coming will allow foul play. You don’t do that in investigation. How can I write you a letter that I’m coming to search your house next week to see if you have incriminating material in your house. Will that not give you room to cover evidence?
Everything within Lagos is in their jurisdiction.


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