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How To End Police Brutality In Nigeria: THE WAY FORWARD


Ending SARS completely without creating a new well-trained, intelligent, cultured, and civilized body to fight against arm robbery, kidnapping, etc, won’t be the best option. Also, burning down police stations and killing police officers won’t stop police brutality, rather, it will cause more police brutality. But this time, I’m seeing a “silent genocide.” (Revenge)

Some people may wonder if I stand for SARS and so they may say, “probably it’s because they haven’t killed any of his innocent family members or relatives.” But that’s not the case and I completely stand against SARS and Police brutality in Nigeria. Meanwhile, let’s reason over the below paragraphs of this work.

Do you know that the members of SARS know at least 65 percent of the criminals who terrorize our peaceful communities? Don’t you think they might connive with them in terrorizing our communities if the FG did not create another special squad? (Initially, they have been allegedly doing it, but this time, they might do it in such a way that we will be forced to acknowledge their importance and ask why the FG ended SARS without replacement)

During the #ENDSARS protest, many police stations/posts in different states of Nigeria were burnt down by hooligans. Allegedly, some criminals carted off with the weapons kept in the armory. My question is, what are they going to do with those weapons? (If you are not worried about that, then think about the 2020 Christmas season)

I know about the recent Lekki tollgate genocide. Of course, SARS and some other security agencies have committed so many atrocities and illegalities, especially in the Eastern, Southern, and Western parts of Nigeria, but we can’t deny the fact that their presence means a lot in our present society. (Don’t Be Sentimental)

I completely blame the FG and SG’s for all the unlawful and unprofessional killings done by the SARS and all other security agencies because, if the FG had initially systematized a special well-educated, unbitable, unadulterated, uncompromised, and incorruptible panel to scrutinize the affairs of these security agencies and to punish them accordingly whenever they perpetrate unlawful jobs, believe me, all these atrocities wouldn’t have happened.

This “inexisting special panel of 36 members, from the 36 states” would have been the existing “Human Rights Commission” but I can certainly say that the Human Rights Commission has been compromised. Consequently, they have lost their dignity and prestige as the advocates of human rights due to their individualistic quest to become wealthy. And so, people do not count on them anymore.

Nigerians are not adequately civilized. For that reason, those in higher positions exhibit the act of superiority to their lower-class members. Apparently, the Nigerian three Arms of Government are now worthless, and chaffy. Who doesn’t know how the Nigerian Supreme Court has been mendaciously judging some cases? Thereby, disregarding the fact that their allegiance should be to every bonafide Nigerian, and so they shouldn’t embrace injustice for any reason.

On the remedy part, I suggest the FG creates a new well-trained, intelligent, considerate, cultured, and civilized panel to scrutinizing the affairs of SWAT and NPF. Most importantly, if the FG wants the 36 members of this panel to work as professionals, then they must do the following:
(1) Pay them handsomely.
(2) Build good houses for them each.
(3) Give them one private car each.
(4) Free education to their children in Nigerian schools.
(5) Free medical care for them and their families in Nigerian medical centers.
(6) Build a well-secured workplace for them in the entire thirty-six States, for their activities.
(7) Two bulletproof long vehicles for their nearest states travel, and a private jet for far states travel.

Here is how they will be operating. If you think any of these security agencies mistreated you in any form, especially when you think you are innocent, just write your statement including the security officer’s name(s). Then submit it to the receptionist working in their headquarter in your state, and also send it to their email to prevent it from being falsified.
During the week this special panel of 36 members will work in your state, they will invite you and the security officer(s) involved. After hearing from you both, they will carefully pronounce their judgment. If the security officer(s) is found guilty, they will be punished accordingly for unprofessionalism and misconduct. However, if you are found guilty, the panel will compensate the security officer(s) and finally allow the security agency to deal with the matter on their own.

If the FG can achieve this, I believe the citizens won’t be worried about brutality when stopped by police officers because they will then be extremely conscious when dealing with people. That way the Nigerian security agencies will become truly our friend, not our enemy. Meanwhile, all the necessary details about the members of the security agencies have to be on the internet to enable easy accessibility only by this 36 member panel, when involved in a case.
More so, the FG should increase the salaries of our security agencies, to avert “oga anything for the boys.” (Underpayment can cause the mind to practice evils)

Thanks for Reading

Chidume Chibuzor

Chiducation Professional Writing


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