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Man Calls Off Wedding Because Bride To Be Lied About Her Age: Immaturity Or The Guy Not Ready To Marry?

by Anita Ogona

Wedding plans cancelled, bride price about to be returned because, wife lied about her age. Husband said he couldn’t live with a lier, “someone who lied about her age and stood on it might have told other lies or still have many more lies to tell, I’m sorry I can’t trust her again, I can’t live with a lier, she has to leave”. Women, please, why do you hide (backdate) your age ? Are you afraid of ageing ?

All please to make him reconsider his stands went on deaf ears. the grooms family  supports their brother decisions, Cousin To The Groom Ekene told our Gossip Crew that They advised the groom to End the marriage, saying ”my brother. How can she tell you lies Claiming sweet 16?

He said ”It doesn’t make any sense to me because, you will definitely grow older. Tell a man your real age, if he doesn’t want you because of your age, someone who will love you and your age will locate you”

He continued ”If this young man in question eventually turns deaf ears to people’s pleadings, how would the lady feel when she remembers that lying costs her her marriage? The same way they use facial feeler to cover their Face

Anyway age is a number but sometimes legion of ladies give us fake Age.

”The guy never ready to marry back dating of age is normal with women , there is so many lies on a woman the hair, the nails ,eyebrow, the lips ,now they have added the ass and boobs
He will continue to sack and sack until he becomes grand uncle”, said Amauche.
For Us At EWRs- She just told him her football age, go and ask civil servants what that means, they will know better. Who cares about age, it’s nothing but a number, for me lying is bad o, but age should not be a problem as long as she is beautiful, looks young and presentable and has good character, who age epp, so many chubby ladies look way older than their age and so many petite / slim fair damsels look way younger than their real age, as long as you look 16 and you are smart and can satisfy somebody, what more are you looking for in a woman. If he wouldn’t marry because she is in the habit of lying but not because of her age. Which modern lady does not lie self, you just have to consciencetize your woman that she should feel free to confide in you that you are all ears and wouldn’t use any truth she told you against her.
Let him stay there until he marries a full time young beautiful witch in form of a wife, then he would appreciate the need of marrying an experienced lady and not a child that will always run away each time you guys quarrel

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