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She DM–ed Him, He Replied, Now They Are Married: Women Don’t Allow Motivational Speakers Deal With Your Emotions, Work On Your Character, Get A Job!!!!

Don’t allow motivational speakers deal with you ladies…..ask yourself is she the first person to have DM-ed William? You need to know she has everything a man would probably want in a woman….. A medical student studying in USA, tall, beautiful, intelligent, and from a rich background, no sane man would want to play with such a lady and definitely not William Uchemba, the guy too is a responsible celebrity, who wouldn’t want his good name to be ridiculed.Image may contain: 2 people, people standing
Don’t go and shoot a shot and end up spending your life savings on one useless idiot that is out looking for a lady to milk dry. Some women even pay their dowry and still get beaten in the marriage. It worked for Oscar does not mean it will work for everybody. That is for hardworking women  Image may contain: 2 people
Then for jobless ones, if you shoot your shot and he asks you what do you do for a living What would you say? You are not educated, no skills to support yourself, your character might also be zero and you are wondering why your shots never enter goal.
My advice is, keep doing the good thing you are doing, be friendly to all. Socialize when there is need. Get a career, get a skill. Hold unto God, your man will locate you. Whether you shoot or not, God has a plan for all of us.Image may contain: 1 person, standing and flower


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