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She Needs Your Advice: I Am Helplessly In Love With My Uncle But Don’t Know How To Approach Him

I would be 18 on January 13th next year. Please, I need an advice on how I could tell him.
Just last night, I encouraged myself to tell him that I am liking an elderly man and needs his advice, he bluntly told me to focus on my studies than to like any man at my age.
I am actually not related to him, we are not even from the same state but I address him as uncle. He is in his early 50s, married with children, an elder brother to my boss where I work while waiting for my admission.
My boss usually talk about his elder brother, but it was never my concern until the day he came to east after the #Endsars saga. Mere setting my eyes on him, especially his height, flat tummy and gray hairs which was more like a golden dye. I melted.
Please, how could I tell him my true feelings without being embarrassed because I noticed he don’t even know what I feel for him?


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