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Maternal Uncles, Village People Poured 11 Basins Of Beans Away, As Bride Price Was Not Amicably Settled, What Would You Do If It Happens To You?

This happened in Nasarawa State where problem arise because the required foods which is part of their tradition are not complete
Her uncles were the one that throw those things away because they complained that the things for the bride list was not complete. its a village in Nassarawa state ,their bride price is always extreme and high that’s why most ladies from there don’t get married. The said lady have 3 elder sisters that are not married, most of them just get pregnant and move in with the man without marriage but this lady decided to do something different by going through the right way. she even helped her husband add to the list to complete it but the uncle came and say they won’t collect it and the father got angry and said they should share it to the guest that came and the uncles got angry and started fighting and threw away everything.
11 basin of cooked beans was among the list as well and they poured all away. evil people no dey let women marry. pikin weh dem no contribute a dime for their upbringing they will be demanding when the person want to marry. What kind of culture is this?
see how village people scattered this occasion!!!!


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