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LAW101: Are You Dating Or Sleeping With A Girl Or Boy Under 18 Years Old? Do You Know It Is An Offence Under The Child Right Acts Of Rivers State?


Still on Under Age Matters:

A girl or boy below 18 years cannot give consent for marriage or relationship. The law presume that the girl or boy below 18 is not up-to age of giving consent.
Is a serious issues and many people are not aware.
Ignorance of the law they say is not an excuse. due to numerous complaints on the Table of Human rights advocates¬† We found out that many people don’t know that marrying or dating someone below 18 years in Rivers State is against the law and violates relevant section of the child right act in the state.Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

We have constantly receive report of men dating underage girls who claim that they are taking care of the girls and the parents are aware of the relationship that they want to marry her.
Last month a man in his mid 20s took in a girl below age of 18 after her guardian chased her out of the house. He has been wooing the underage girl and it was a perfect opportunity for him that the girl was stranded so he took her in and kept her till evening of the next day.Image may contain: 2 people, closeup

When the underage girl came back to the house, the guardian informed the Police and the man in his mid 20s was arrested. His response was that it was with the girl’s consent he slept with her. The Police at one of the stations in Diobu told him to pay 100,000 naira as ‘service charge’ to the girl and her family for the service the girl rendered to him or he will be charged for ABDUCTION and CHILD ABUSE and he will go to prison.
His friend who was ignorant of the law came to report to me that how can Police detain a man that had consensual affair with an underage girl. I took time to educate the friend and told him you people are lucky the underage girl’s parents did not bring it to my table.
The friend ran away and from what I heard the suspect’s family paid 150,000 naira. 100,000 service charge for the girl and 50,000 bail money.
We have also received report of a Man who claim he did not know he is committing an offence by harboring 16 year old girl in his house under the guise of marrying her. He claimed the parents are aware of the relationship.
Comrades spread the message.


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