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Another Round Of Recession Is Here!!! Tips On How To Survive In 2021

by Anita Ogona
This is very beautiful tip on how to survive next year, stress free. Almost everyone can do this. You don’t need land to plant but bags probably cement bags.
From all the information out there, Nigeria will experience famine like situation next year because of the following reasons.
1. Insecurity did not allow the middle belt of the country which is really the ones feeding Nigeria to farm as they used to in the past. Many communities ran away to escape herdsmen terrorists that kill them unabated and without consequences.
2. A lot of cultivated farms are abandoned by the farmers who fear for their lives and others who have died trying to harvest their farm produce like Borno rice farmers.
3. Others pay huge amount of money to bandits to harvest their farm even in Kastina state where the president comes from. They transfer the financial burden to the final consumers.
4. Terrorists, bandits, herdsmen, etc. harvest farms they did not cultivate and enter the jungle to consume them with their crime partners and hostages.
5. Buhari’s administration hasn’t shown any consideration to argument food supply from outside the country as far as they see the one to eat.
6. Some people that smuggle our food out are still on top of their games even with locked boarders thereby further putting Nigeria in danger.
7. Burkina Faso that has been supplying Nigeria with foods especially different types of beans are themselves in food crises situation and no other country has taken up the role they play in our food supply chain.
There are plenty reasons but let me stop here. Access to food and water will be a big deal in Nigeria next year.

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