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Abia State Governor Suspends Chief Of Staff For ‘Spraying Cash On Controversial Pastor Odumeje’

by Anita Ogona

Abia governor suspends chief of staff for ‘spraying cash on Odumeje. The old man (fool) has forgotten he is a civil servant Why not package the money in an envelope? Let him go home and explain to his family why he lost his job.

This same Odumeje anywhere he goes and there is spraying of money people loose their job. The only man who went to Indonesia and made them to deport over 400 Igbos, he went to Abia and the Chief of staff was suspended. Odumeje, ne du ha eje!

Image may contain: 1 person, standingWhen he travelled to Indonesia for a program, the Igbos in Indonesia who attended the program started spraying him money which is against the law in Indonesia. Over 400 of them were arrested and deported back to Nigeria.

I just wish people will be wise enough to notice the red flags about this man, Anywhere they spray this man money wahala go come out. Same thing happened in Spain, and some other countries he has travelled to.

However This is An opportunity for another person. Once you get an appointment, know it that you will not be there for ever. Prepare for your exit because you don’t know when, how you will leave the appointment

meanwhile what about the Governor himself who has done so on several occasion. Gov Ikpeazu once came to water side ahia udele besides one hospital adjacent to Ambassador hotel annex by East road when that road was cuts off by flood and spread money on air to the market people and zoomed off not only once he always does it oftentimes even at brass junction he has done something like that too and nobody complain about it now why suspended his chief of staff? Nobody is perfect he himself is also guilty of the same offense too… Is Very unfair this is pot calling cattle black


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