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Pastor Of Upper Chamber Church Igboetche In Rivers State Got 3 Of His Daughters Pregnant Says His Late Mother Bewitched Him (Video)

Pastor of Upper Chamber Church.
Igbo Etche. caught sleeping with his 3 daughters and eventually got them pregnant in a video narrated why indulged in the nefarious act. (Watch video for more)
Efforts are on to get in touch with the OSPAC Commander in Igbo Etche to ascertain if he was handed over to Police station and which of the station. It is highly irritating that a man will be sleeping with his daughters.
A Human rights advocates Prince Wiro has confirmed that the man was not handed over to police but was released for it to be settled in a family way.
”I have spoken with one of the OSPAC unit Commander in Igbo Etche this early morning and he just told me that the Pastor who was stripped naked for allegedly impregnating three of his daughters was not handed over to the Police. He said the Son who reported the matter begged them to leave the Father that he will deal with him his own way. look at what this people are playing. I will not allow it. Unconfirmed source say the family of the man paid heavily.”


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